Domain Checker

How to use this domain name checker: You can use this checker to check for the following extensions:
.com, .org, .info, .net, .biz, .mobi, .us, .de, .fr, .ca,, .nl, .nz,,,,,,,
Step 1. Type in your preferred domain name, including the extension :
Step 2. Choose the domain extension by selecting the radio button:
This tells the checker which 'whois' server to check. Make sure it matches Step 1's extension.

Step 3. Click 'Check Now!'
Several results may come back so here is a quick guide on how to read the response:
If the response says "Not Found" then the domain is most likely available. If the registrant information is shown then the domain name is not available. If the response shows 'query_status: 220 Available' (line 7) then the domain is available.